Monday, August 13, 2007

Al Gore’s rough ride

The Telegraph recently reported on Al Bore’s speech (ka-ching!) to a forum in Singapore. Not surprisingly Gore droned on about the evil oil industry’s funding of a "misinformation" campaign opposing global warming hysteria, er, "consensus".

I’m not sure how Gore was received in Singapore - one assumes with reverence. Where he got a very rough ride, though, was in the readers’ comments to the Telegraph story. Gore was raked over the coals beginning with a long list of his ‘errors’. There were many more great comments including this one singled out by Roger Thornhill:
Al Gore reminds me of a second hand car salesman and a fairground shouter! Want an easy answer? too stupid to understand the complex issues? are you a guilt ridden self hating middleclass handwringer? Are you jelous of people who have more than you? Then Al Gore is the man for you! He will tell you all you need to know in easy to understand words! He will tell you who you should blame and persecute! Roll up, roll up folks, come and see the greatest con on earth, all you have to do is listen and obey without question and good ole Al will save you all from the evil capitalist swine who swan around in their big cars and fancy homes! CO2 is to blame for all your woes he shouts! If someone is not convinced, ‘heretic’ he cries!
Al Gore will stir up the mob and tell them who to blame as long as you DO NOT question his wisdom and he will lead the huddled masses to a socialist utopia and paradise just as long as you do exactly what he says with no questions asked! Hail the great and all knowing Al Gore! Hail the greatest scientist the world has ever teen! Vote for Al and you need never bother to think for yourself ever again because he will do all your thinking for you! HOORAY! - Stephanie Clague, 10:18AM.

Heartwarming, really!

[h/t to Roger Thornhill at Neuearbeit Macht Frei]


Anonymous said...

Talk about a socialist utopia 85% of the oil industry world wide is government owned. I doubt the remaining 15% can really have that much of an impact on the world price of oil. As far as the global warming industry is concerned you now have the carbon credit industry funding the pro side. Al Gore owns one of these companies. Nuf said.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Every time Al Gore speaks the Baby Jesus cries.

softtalk said...

Every time Al Gore speaks I cry too.