Tuesday, August 14, 2007


This is nuts!

Near Victoria yesterday, a construction worker, accidentally nailed in the forehead by a nail-gun, was rushed to a nearby hospital by the site first-aid officer.

On the way to the hospital they were stopped by a police speed trap. So, how did the cop deal with the situation? You’d think he’d see it as a medical emergency. Nope:

"We showed him the nail sticking out of my forehead but he didn't care at
all," Docherty told A-Channel news yesterday.

"He was dead set on getting some tickets," said Docherty.

The police officer followed the two to the hospital and once there issued a seatbelt ticket.

The police chief supported his officer:

The police chief suggested the pair should have called an ambulance.

"I think the officer used his discretion...," Hames said.

"My concern is for the safety of the public at large," he said.

Bullshit! The cop should have provided a high-speed, lights and siren escort to the hospital emergency door. Instead he just followed intending, not to help, but to issue a bloody ticket for an ‘offense’ that shouldn’t even be on the f***ing books!

Such behaviour certainly doesn’t boost respect for or confidence in the police. It does the exact opposite.

This case is reminiscent of law enforcement’s attitude towards citizens who attempt to defend themselves on their own property. People are actively discouraged from doing so and face charges should a perp be hurt in the process. This is not a healthy trend.


Surecure said...

Further proof to the fact that SOME cops are simply licensed bullies. If I saw somebody with a nail sticking out the side of their heads, a seatbelt warning would not even cross my mind.

Anonymous said...

What an idiot. We had a family situation years ago where my husband rushed my mother to the hospital - there was NO time to wait for an ambulance. The police stopped him and when they realized the situation - the police let him speed and escorted my husband all the way in - this probably saved my mother's life. Now that's a police officer who had brains and thought it out and thought it out fast. I will be forever grateful.

Anonymous said...

The officer and the police chief are dumb a$$es.

"Hames said some will see the police officer's actions as "unreasonable" but he hopes that the majority will understand that excessive speeds on the Central Saanich road were a concern and that the police officer was simply doing his job." It's not like the guys were out for a joyride, It was an emergency.

I hope they fight it, I'm sure a judge would throw this out immediately.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

What a mockery. Now juxtapose this case with the Animal Control officer in Toronto who rushed the dying dog to the vet and left the Dogs owner, (who had callously left the pooch in his car on a blistering hot day), handcuffed to his car - a few passers by took swings at the idiot owner and now the officer is facing discipline and rightfully so. Is there some kind of lesson here, some moral? Society has me confused.

JR said...

It certainly is hard to fathom what's going on in some people's heads. I can see where a very wet behind the ears cop might get flustered and screw up like this but when his chief backs up his goofy, thoughtless actions then you really do have to wonder what gives.

Hopefully the chief will give the guy a smack upside the head in the privacy of his office. That still won't help the public optics though.