Sunday, August 5, 2007

Star Power

I. Oprah in the boondocks of BC

On Friday, star-struck villagers of Alert Bay, BC were thrilled to greet multi-billionaire celebrity and "wise woman" Oprah Winfrey who is traveling with BC billionaire Jimmy Pattison aboard his "150 foot yacht".

Highlights / quotes:

[‘Namgis Chief Bill] Cranmer, ..."It was like a mob. She signed autographs, posed for pictures."

Winfrey was given a tour of some native artifacts at the cultural centre before heading up to the potlatch.

Andrea Cranmer..."says she admires Winfrey and watches her television show because she promotes things like women's leadership."

During the potlatch, it's customary for women not to speak....

Winfrey ...[breaking with custom] told the assembled crowd that they're fortunate to have their culture intact.
... when many African-American traditions had been lost.
[Not sure what ‘A-American traditions’ she means - slavery’s gone, thankfully, but I guess there’s still gangsta rap, ebonics and basketball.]

"I knew she was here, but I just don't give a s--t," said Alert Bay resident Roy Johnson...[in a dissenting opinion]

Anyway it’s heart warming to see that, thanks to the Western culture of science and technology, satellite TV ensures a ready supply of star-fu.., um, -huggers even deep in the backwoods of BC.

II. An idiot’s useful idiot

Mutual admiration

"Chavez met privately with Penn for two hours Thursday, praising the actor as "brave" for urging Americans to impeach President Bush."

Penn sat near the front, at times applauding and nodding in agreement.

[Meanwhile back in Beverly Hills]

Cuban-born actress Maria Conchita Alonso, who grew up in Venezuela, said Penn is lending support to a "totalitarian" leader..."he's being used".

In his "search for new paths" Penn, instead of looking to Chavez, ought to bone up on Adam Smith. That way he might at least discover the source of his own prosperity.

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