Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Humourless utopian evangelists

PR supporters, says Lorne Gunter, remind him of:
... Dennis, the muck-tilling peasant from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
[played by Andrew Coyne] is such a pinched, humourless evangelist for his utopian ideals that by the end of the scene you find yourself rooting for Arthur to repress him.
Proportional representation, including MMP, appeals to the sort of solemn soul who sees him-or herself as slightly smarter than the rest of us and above anything so crass as partisan politics.
... Marxism, too, looked good on paper until every attempt to implement it in the real world led to a disparity between rich and poor (party members and non-members) that would have made John D. Rockefeller blush, as well as a level of state violence against the citizenry comparable to the worst of fascism.
PR causes bigger problems than it purports to solve:
... PR tends to correct one problem-- too many seats for the big parties --
with another-- too much power for little ones.
Just what we need - excessive emphasis on single issue flakery.
So, Ontario, be careful what you vote for tomorrow!

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