Wednesday, October 3, 2007

USS Abraham Lincoln visits Victoria

USS Abraham Lincoln dropped anchor at Royal Roads this afternoon.

Update: The next morning the local rag greeted the carrier with a frontpage photo and a ... hearty "welcome to a friend and ally"?? Nope - a lovely expression of GREED!


Halfwise said...

Spectacular. Any protests and protestors?

We were listening to BBC World last night and they reported on some American leader in Iraq who was allegedly 'trigger happy' in defending himself and his turf. I am not sure what the suicide bomb equivalent of 'trigger happy' is but, whatever it is, no one was accused of being so on the program.

Our force: Bad. Their force: Good. Gotta love the MSM

JR said...

Surprisingly, there's not been much in the way of organized protest of visiting warships in the last few years - just letters to the editor from the odd pacifist or environmentalist protesting the presence of a nuclear powered ship.