Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Western Standard folds

Just read this very sad news from Ezra Levant. The Western Standard has ceased publishing. It was a magazine I always looked forward to seeing in my mail box and it will be greatly missed. A strong right wing voice ... gone! What a bummer!

I knew something was going on because I had recently called the WS subscription people about what had happened to the summer and fall issues I hadn't received. The answer: "We're considering changing the frequency of publication". But I certainly didn't expect the new frequency would be ZERO!

According to Ezra's post there were 82 issues published and a total of 150 million pages printed. At about 50 pages per issue that means the circulation was only about 35,000. Not enough to generate a profit. It's sad that so few of those who vote Conservative could see their way clear to supporting the only solidly right-wing magazine in the country. Pathetic, really!

Update: Jonathan Kay on Ezra and the Western Standard's demise.


Shameer Ravji said...

You're right, it's disgraceful how conservative-minded folks in Canada did not want to support this magazine. Perhaps they should remember this the next time they whine about left-wing media bias.

dmorris said...

Perhaps they should have tried to run an internet news mag instead of the old paper type.

The magazine had some pretty good content, but at over $100 per year, was damned expensive.

And it's well known conservatives are flocking to the blogosphere in huge numbers.

This is the second time the same people have run a news magazine into the ground, maybe they should be listening to the message, conservatives are not inclined to buy old fashioned news delivery services.

JR said...

Maybe they'll try the internet mag idea. But I still liked the paper format I could carry to the 'reading' room. But I agree 80 (or 100) bucks a year is expensive. Would cheaper subscrn's have generated more subscribers and higher ad revenues? I don't know but presumably Ezra got expert advice on the tradeoffs.

I've wondered, though, whether a mag with a less "Western" name would have attracted more readership from the populous east.