Thursday, April 3, 2008

CBC idiot apologist for loony racist

CBC journalist, Neil Macdonald, well known for his pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli reporting, is now pontificating in defense of the racist Reverend Jeremiah "God damn America" Wright.

Edward Michael George does a great job of exposing Macdonald’s idiocy. Some teasers:

[Macdonald] contends that Rev. Wright's sermons are "worth reading." That is, that they have some value above and beyond what others have identified as their hatefulness (that is to say: their overt racism), and their patent lunacy.

.... you do understand, Neil, that blaming "America" (by which, needless to say, the good Reverend means white America) for the crimes of some Americans, mostly long long dead, is itself the very definition of hatemongering, right?

.... It's true. Tuskegee was a deplorable event .... But the thing is, Neil, nobody is taking issue with him on this. What they take issue with is his lunatic belief that AIDS was developed by the United States government to exterminate the black race. You, in spite of all your bleating on about context, make no mention of this.


Read the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

I think I am starting to understand the CBC. It is a form of welfare for those incapable of getting a real job. Can anyone truly imagine any news organization other than CBC that would actually hire and pay people like Neil MacDonald or Don Newman -- really, folks, neither would be employable at any other organization --

Anonymous said...

The CBC is a place for people that never had to take into consideration a practical ideal in their lives. But, Rev. Wright can dis honkey all he likes and he has a right to do it, but he ain't splainin' why Africa is sucha mess either? (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

The CBC; college radio for shut-ins.

Anonymous said...

It seems the left is not really against hate speech at all. It just depends on if you are considered disadvantaged or not.
Gays and women - NO
Americans and white men - YES
To the left a comment made 19 years ago is more important then 1 made a month ago or by a sitting MP - Caroline Parish.

Anonymous said...

Too bad we're paying Neil Macdonald's salary.

Why doesn't he team up with Avi Lewis at Al Jazeera for a tag-team political opinion talk show featuring opinions of the hard left vs opinions of the extreme left?