Monday, May 12, 2008

“Justice” Minister against free speech

This truly sucks. Justice Minister and Attorney General Rob Nicholson’s weasels have submitted an opinion favouring continued assaults by "Human Rights" Commissions on the free speech granted by our (apparently useless) Charter of "Rights and Freedoms".

Weighing in:
Ezra Levant
Mark Steyn
Blazing Cat Fur (and)
Five Foot Fury
Damn! Now I have to write yet another snotgram to Harper and Nicholson.

Stop the HRC

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Anonymous said...

I am so friggin' upset right now.
Human Rights aside, Industry Minister Paula Prentice (or whatever his name is) is on Duffy right now saying that on behalf of the out-raged consumers across Canada over gas prices he and his government are going to hire more fucking gas pump inspectors to make sure that the volume of gas versus the price charged is accurate.
Then he goes on to comment on the closing of a GM engine plane in Windsor. He feels for the employees but can't do anything for them.
Well, for one thing, how about a substantive stance on rising oil prices rather than the lame shit you're trying to feed us!!
If this is their response to this global crisis then the Conservative Party of Canada will never ever get my vote again.
Do you get that sirs.
Rising costs of oil and the subsequent rise in gas and diesel costs are contributing to a rapidly rising price on world food staples. Rice and wheat being only two.
My food bill has already gone up. Anyone buy bananas lately??
They're not on our side on the Human Rights issue and they certainly aren't on our side on the rising cost of oil issue.
What the hell gives????