Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sex for food - a continuing U.N. programme

More evidence of your United Nations and it's fellow "humanitarians" providing aid in time of need (their own perverted need that is):

Humanitarian aid workers and United Nation peacekeepers are sexually abusing small children in several war-ravaged and food-poor countries, a leading European charity has said.

Children as young as 6 have been forced to have sex with aid workers and peacekeepers in return for food and money, Save the Children UK said in a report released Tuesday.

After interviewing hundreds of children, the charity said it found instances of rape, child prostitution, pornography, indecent sexual assault and trafficking of children for sex.

Clearly it hasn't escaped the notice of pedophile rings that employment with international aid agencies presents certain, umm..., opportunities.


Anonymous said...

The UN is by far the most dispicable and corrupt body of idiots and despots on the planet.
Time to rid ourselves of association with these scum.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

There is no hell hot enough for those miscreants.

Halfwise said...

Let's not hold our breath for the people who (rightly) criticized the Catholic Church for past sex scandals to take up their same cudgels against the UN.