Thursday, May 29, 2008

Poll - Carbon tax

The people speak. And good for them - they're speaking with their wallets. Though in this case the 2.4 cent tax is dwarfed by market induced price increases. So it's mainly a tax grab.

And we can't really take this as a sign that people are waking up to the "climate change" hysteria and nuttery. Those who voted in this poll are no doubt part of the same crowd who constantly harp at Premier Campbell for not being sufficiently green.


caz said...

What if ANYTHING will ever be accomplished with these taxes? Until someone can back up the rhetoric with sound PROOF that these measures will amount to SOMETHING tangible for the taxpayer to experience in terms of an improvement in our environment...I'm not listening. I've never really seen anything like this. People are so incredibly gullible. They'll believe anything even if there's NO PROOF that anything will change.

JR said...

I doubt it, Caz - except to lighten our wallets. And if it's influence on global warming people are looking for, forget it. Even if the whole country shut down (zero emissions) there'd be no measureable effect - and that's assuming man's GHG emissions actually cause significant warming.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad Harper didn't beat all this carbon tax nonesense off at the pass by lowering the G.S.T. on everything except gasoline and heating oil. Now it would be considered a tax increase.