Thursday, October 9, 2008

A majority for Mr. Cool?

Yesterday my wife and I participated in a rally at the Victoria airport to boost Stephen Harper who was on his way from Victoria to Richmond. It was a big, enthusiastic crowd and there were rousing warm-up speeches from all the local candidates.

We shook hands and exchanged a few words with the PM as he worked the crowd and made his way to the microphone. He was in excellent spirits and in his usually fine speaking form. That guy is one cool customer.

Which brings me to my point. I’ve previously noted my own lack of enthusiasm for this campaign and my disappointment with the debates. I often found myself wishing Mr. Harper would take the gloves off and go after his opponents with a little, no - a lot, more fire. But that seems to be the strategy. Stay cool and leave the fire to others - like Dianne Ablonczy and Jeff Norquay yesterday on Mike Duffy Live. Both of them did an admirable job of aggressively hammering their Lib and Dipper counterparts for their irresponsible, over-the-top, economic fear-mongering.

George Jonas has an optimistic take on the Harper ‘stay cool’ approach:
... Yes, I still think we'll have a majority Conservative government. The latest polls suggest otherwise, but I'll go out on a limb.

... Exhibiting generalship Prince Mikhail Kutuzov would have envied, Harper lured his hubris-ridden opponents to their doom ...

... In fact -- never mind Kutuzov -- Harper showed himself to be the political equivalent of the legendary George Chuvalo. It's not that opponents couldn't lay a glove on the Canadian heavyweight; it's just that it made no difference.

... Why did Canada's opposition leaders do this to themselves? You'll have to ask them ... because I don't know. Possibly it's central to their belief system that Canadians regard any lapse from a state-centred, quasi-socialist credo a sin if not a felony.

... Anyway, did his imitation of frozen-fish-unjustly-maligned-of-being-alive get Harper a majority? I think so. By this week, even emerging with an ever-so-cautious platform seemed safe enough for the Conservatives.

Thanks George - that large dose of optimism is welcome when the chips seem so down. And today, on the TSE, they’re down another big notch.

More optimism here.


Anonymous said...

Check out Jane Taber's story today on the Globe and Mail's website regarding the Carbon Tax.

Apparently, Dion told a Halifax audience today that he will go ahead with it regardless of the economy because it will stimulate economic activity.

Now, get this ...

Meanwhile, in Montreal, Iggy is telling reporters that the Liberals might not implement it right away. Maybe only bring in some essential elements. You know, nothing to worry about. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Whose telling the truth?

And which parts are "essential"? I'd bet that we'll just get the carbon taxes. The tax cuts and programs will be put on hold.

And, what's this about stimulating the economy with a carbon tax?

Remember, this is Dion. The same guy introduced by Martin and Goodale yesterday. He knows economics!

Carbon tax = good for economy!! Believe it. Dion said it.

JC Kelan

JR said...

Thanks for that info, JC. I've seen the story elsewhere too, that Dion plans to implement the Green Shaft immediately on taking office, no matter what the state of the economy. Let's hope this gets the coverage it deserves and the voters take note.

Anonymous said...

Hey JR, you are so right,every time I see PMSH on the telly he is cool calm and collected as opposed to Le Citoyen. I read an article about him giving up his dear French citizenship. Apparently that is not going to happen before the vote. Not good enough Citoyen, if you are going to give it up, the time is before the vote. I have heard him say on countless occasions how much he loves Canada, and if elected his wife would be the First Lady!!!, does he think he is running in the USA..I am somewhat confused, well that could be because I am senior citizen approaching my dotage...argee

JR said...

Heh. That "Citoyen" - what a guy! Outside of the economic turmoil scaring the wits out of people, it's hard to figure how the Libs managed to "close the gap", especially with Dion's wacky carbon tax plan which could only make matters worse.

However, on CTV news a few minutes ago they said a new poll (not sure who's) has the Tories three seats short of a majority. Maybe things are starting to turn around :) Or, maybe it's just media-speak for "stop Harper":(