Monday, October 20, 2008

Stephane Dion is no quitter

Stubbornly clinging to his beloved Green Shift™ plan and blaming his defeat on the "low" Conservative propaganda campaign that "cemented a distorted image" of him in Canadians’ minds, Stephane Dion has vowed to stay on as leader of the Liberal Party until a new leader is selected next spring.

It remains to be seen whether the LPC will accept his decision. But let's hope he stays - his yapping in the House is easier to take than Ralph Goodale's or Ken Dryden's.

MSM reaction: Star, Post, Globe.


Ron said...

The man has no class and showed no statesmanship. He used the occassion to continue his petty, whining attacks against the Conservatives. He lost the election because he was not fit to be PM; he lost the election because his policy was out of sync with the public and the economic times; he lost the election because the Liberals have yet to rebuild a party destroyed by corruption and partisan use of public monies. His whining that Conservatives have too much money and Liberals too little is simply sad and disgusting; still up to his nose in entitlement politics. A sad display of a bitter man not up to the task.

JR said...

I agree. "Bitter" is what came through in his press event.

Powell lucas said...

This clown is so out of touch with reality that it defies discription. He keeps claiming that Canadians didn't understand his green shaft. The problem was, that people understood it all too well. The voter turnout should be sending a clear signal as to how much trust people have in politicians. People were not prepared to give any political party a blank cheque without a clear limitation on what it would cost and what they could expect for their money. The public has seen far too many grandiose schemes get hijacked by big spenders in the government and the bureaucratic empire builders. To believe that the voters would get sucked in again by some vague promises of future benefits shows a total lack of understanding of the public mood.

Patrick Ross said...

I think Dion's looked back at some history and maybe misjudged it yet again.

When Pierre Trudeau resigned as Liberal leader in 1979, he kept himself available to head a Liberal campaign in case the government fell.

Joe Clark proved incapable of managing his government, and fall it did. Trudeau returned to lead his party in an election, and the rest is history.

But with a stronger workable minority in which all three opposition parties would be necessary in order to defeat the government, this isn't terribly likely to happen soon.

However, if it does, Dion will have proven to be much wiser than many of us would care to admit.

A Dog Named Kyoto said...

Let Dion stay on a pseudo-leader. It virtually guarantees Harper a free ride, a de facto majority, if you will. And if the Libs should lose count and accidentally defeat the government and cause yet another election with Dion at the helm they will be totally devastated.

No money. No policy. No leader. Good luck.