Saturday, October 11, 2008

Media spin - Mr. Mean versus Mr. Bean

Stephen Harper has endured more nasty insults than all of the other leaders combined during this election. The leaders' debates were a prime example of the nasty attacks - to which Mr. Harper responded calmly, reasonably and without complaint.

But the minute Mr. Harper dares take advantage of Stephane Dion's bumbling ineptitude out comes the idiotic charge, not that Dion's a bumbler, but that Harper is unfairly picking on the poor handicapped Dion. And during an election! My God, the nerve! What a meany! Of course Harper's "mean-spiritedness" is a stereotypical image that the liberal media has long cultivated and perpetuates at the tiniest of opportunities. It's now taken as a given in the MSM.

Joanne, at Blue Like You says it all: "MSM pundits seem to be framing this election as a choice between ...
________ Mr. Mean_______________and Mr. Bean."________


Alberta Girl said...

That interveiw made it obvious that Dion is not ready to lead a country; the reaction made it obvious that the media has been hiding the real Dion from us.

I believe that this manipulation of the real story by the main stream media is very irresponsible given the stakes of who is going to lead us after Tuesday.

The very fact that Dion is allowed to say that Harper has no plan while every one of the media did a year end interview in which Harper predicted this slowdown and outlined what they were doing to prepare. At that time the Liberals, NDP and the media all said he was being pessimistic. They have not once brought those inteviews out of their vaults.

This is not just about coddling Dion, this is about a decision that will affect the next few years in this country.

I watched a video made by Stephen Taylor that maybe puts Dion's actual capability into play.

Although it is funny, it does make the point that Dion is out of his league. People need to think carefully about their choices on Tuesday.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks for the link, JR.

You know, if Dion weren't so stubborn about the Carbon Tax, he wouldn't be so dangerous as a Prime Minister.

But he clearly is the worst of all worlds, having severe communication problems as well as being in his own world so that he doesn't even take the advice of those around him.

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Anonymous said...

That's not fair! Do you think it is easy to answer questions?

JR said...

Alberta Girl, I agree, except that
ref. the Stephen Taylor video - rather than 'funny' I'd say 'pathetic'. Dion will NEVER be ready for prime time.

Joanne, No, thank you! And that's right - without the carbon tax he wouldn't be "dangerous" just pathetic. It boggles the mind that the LPC has managed to stay as high in the polls as it has.

wilson said...

The worst things said about Dion were from Liberal insiders and the media, themselves.

If PMSH had not done a 'meanie' (knowing msm would turn it on him, thusly arousing even more curiousity) the tape may have been buried very quickly.

CTV wouldn't have aired it if they thought it was the result of a hearing impairment. CTV review board decided it was important for Canadians to see the real Dion.

Dion performed similarly on CBC with Mansbridge,
I bet there were false starts in that interview too. Maybe that is why Mansbridge did not seem all nicey nicey to Dion, sheer frustration with him.