Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The MSM seems just so thrilled to see Michael Ignatieff crowned as leader of the LPC. And some Libs are bubbling over with praise for that "classy" "statesman", Bob Rae for dropping out of the race to clear the way for his best pal Iggy. ("It was really tough to keep a dry eye," MP Martha Hall Findlay told reporters ...).

Though not everyone is quite as enthusiastic.

Mr. Ignatieff, for his part, in a spirit of cooperation and inclusiveness "... blasts Harper’s ‘divisive politics’" and warns Harper to "Change or I’ll take you down". It’s really very heart warming.

Anyhow, thank God for the National Post:

Editorial "Ignatieff, Navel-gazer-in-chief"
Lorne Gunter: "The divine right to govern party"
George Jonas: "Ignatieff’s misguided dream"


wilson said...

The Igginator misses out on all that 5 week non-stop liberal leadership coverage, so he gets today.

Now Iggy can hit the books and read up on all things Canadian, scour the CBC vault for Canadian contenet films,
really get to know us.
Get up to speed on what happened for the last 30 years here. NEP.

Halfwise said...

Iggy Naff.