Friday, December 5, 2008

Talking to Americans - Part II

In this interview on the Hugh Hewitt Show Mark Steyn continues his efforts to explain the intricacies of Canadian politics to Americans - a monumental task. I liked these bits:

On Quebec:

...the secessionist party in Quebec is essentially a giant shakedown operation just to empty English Canada’s wallet and dump it in the socialist basket case province of Quebec...
On the Governor General:

This woman, by the way, is an affirmative action appointment. She’s a very attractive woman, who used to host pro-Castro documentaries on the CBC. ... And it’s because she’s an attractive black woman, as she herself said shortly after her appointment, let’s face it, I’m hot.
On Steyn for GG:

Hugh Hewitt: ... when is the current governor general’s term up, because I wish to begin a Steyn for Governor General movement?
Steyn: ...when she was appointed, she’s a very pleasant woman, a Montreal journalist, and somebody said if we have to have a mediocre hack, mediocre Montreal hack as acting head of state, why can’t we have Mark Steyn? ... And I was rather hurt. That was one reason, you know, because I thought why is the idea of me as governor general so self-evidently risible, the idea of this affirmative action, Castro documentary maker apparently perfectly routine. I think that tells you a lot about Canada.
Hugh Hewitt: Should we really care what happens up there?
Steyn: Oh, yes you should, because every single bad Canadian idea, socialized health care, confiscatory taxation, eventually works its way south of the border. That’s why you should, you look at Canada and that’s what’s going to be happening here in twenty year’s time.


Bec said...

Oh yes it is,,,ha ha! The funny thing is the coalition 2, are having dreams about interacting with, the chosen one. How disappointed they are going to be when they find out he is more like, HARPER!
Can't wait!

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