Monday, December 1, 2008

Poll - Opposition power grab

Latest CTV poll:


Anonymous said...

The Tory war room is back at work plumping up on-line poll numbers!!!

A scientific poll in Quebec shows support for a coalition government at 75%.

Start packing Laureen, the moving vans show up on the 9th!

Dave Hodson said...

Well of course support is high in Quebec, but it would be a disaster for the rest of Canada. With the Bloc propping up a coalition, Quebeckers can't help but think this is their ultimate ticket to getting the rest of Canada to cater to their every whim! The coalition only works with Bloc support, and the Bloc will only support what's good for Quebec, which basically means screws over everyone else.

Alberta Girl said...

"A scientific poll in Quebec shows support for a coalition government at 75%."

Scientific - please provide a link to one of the national pollsters that have done this "scientific poll" otherwise crawl back into your hole and make it homey because when this is all said and done, that is where you will be living.

Me thinks they know not what they do.

Powell lucas said...

How about this little scenario: Harper's Conservatives go down. Resentment in Alberta at seeing another western PM get pounded by eastern interests reaches the boiling point. Harper, and a number of Alberta MPs resign. They come back to Albrta to form a separatist party and are joined by a host of like-minded MPPs from the Stelmach government.
Following another attempted rape of Alberta by the unholy triumverate in Ottawa, the new party sweeps into power and we finally get rid of the eastern albatross around our necks. And we can do it within the rules put in place by the Nutty Professor. Delicious irony, anyone.

JR said...

You've got it, Dave and Alberta Girl. And let's see some "scientific" polls from the RoC. I'll bet they'd be close to 75% the other way. In Alberta it would be close to 100% against a weak coalition of craven Libs/Dippers along with, as Powell suggests, a large dose of seething resentment.

If there's to be a defeat in the house, the only honest way to resolve this is with a real poll of the people - a general election.

dwc said...

Powell, I like your scenario. I have no doubt that western outrage over a Toronto-Quebec hijack of the government will reach firestorm proportions but I wondered if there was somebody with the leadership and experience to parlay this sentiment into action. I'd hitch my wagon to anyone who tried to pull the west out of confederation over this and if it's Harper, so be it. I voted for him to lead Canada and I'd vote for him to lead the west out of it.

Ted said...

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