Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Goodbye George, hello B. Hussein

The market reacts:


DavidK said...

Wait so you mean that the Saviour didn’t magically fix the economy right after getting into office??? - Gee that’s a surprise… Not.

Paul M said...

Obama's definition of "fixed" is just deffierent then your's.

KC said...

Thats just dumb.

The markets knew that this event would happen on this day and any market reaction would have occured on election day not today. No thinking investor would have based their decision upon the date of a ceremony.

Anonymous said...

To suggest that today's market performance was a reaction to Obama's inaugaration is simply ridiculous.

Why the " B. Hussein " routine? Are you realy such an ignorant arse?

Red Tory said...

You're pathetic.

JR said...

My, my aren't the Obamamaniacs a prickly bunch of knuckleheads! Lighten up folks, even Lloyd Robertson, arguably one of your own B. Hussein Obama adulators, on last nights news commented that the "Obama bounce" failed to materialize.

Anonymous said...

Hey Janie, whatever!?

Yours truly
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