Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tolerating diversity

A columnist in my local rag regularly (and annoyingly) derides "whitebread" Victorians for their supposed lack of diversity. So thanks to George Jonas for his column today on the subject:

... Tolerating diversity is good. It's fire prevention; it's what fire fighters do. Cultivating diversity is playing with fire. It's bad; it's what pyromaniacs do. Not understanding the difference is the multicultural fallacy.

... Diversity tolerated is mature; diversity cultivated is juvenile. In the long run, societies either integrate or disintegrate. The melting pot may be inelegant but it's functional; the cultural mosaic is elegant but it's risky and multiculturalism spells, "Hi, folks, welcome to Lebanon."


Cool Blue said...

Ah, those intolerant Victorians with their Jewish Prime Minister....

Anonymous said...

Funny but its like 5 billion Asians, 1 billion Blacks and the rest they want 'mixed up' according to the globalist controllers. Err, what do they plan to do with the 6 billion non-mixed people in the end? When we all become Heinz 57 stock, they won't want to keep all those pure non-whites now will they? (real conservative)