Saturday, February 14, 2009

Victoria - hotbed of climate alarmists

Today’s Financial Post Comment section features two climate alarmists from Victoria, BC. Given that Vancouver Island is loaded with tree huggers and other assorted environmental fanatics that may not be too surprising.

The first is well known. Andrew Weaver, UVic climate modeler, Big Government grant sucker and climate scare monger attracted Peter Foster’s attention in relation to Australia’s tragic bush fires [my emphasis]:

On Monday, CBC’s The National proudly reported that "Canadian researchers were the first to make a link between global warming and more wildfires." Out was trotted one of Canada’s leading climate alarmists, the University of Victoria’s Andrew Weaver, to make the startlingly obvious point that higher temperatures increase fire risk, and then to predict, "So, yes, we will be seeing forest fires in the future on the scale that they’re seeing there."
Naturally, Mr. Foster proceeds to debunk the link between global warming and the fires. As in the case of recent forest fires in BC the real culprit was poor forest management practices, ie. a failure of government forestry services.

The second Victorian is climate alarmed, acoustic guitarist ("one of Canada finest"), singer-song-writer, Dave Clarke, who is mad at Lawrence Solomon for dissing Michael Mann’s shoddy research. US National Academy of Sciences former chair Gerald North wrote a terse note saying he agreed with Clarke. Lawrence Solomon responded to Clarke and North in detail, pointing out that in North’s own testimony before a congressional committee he said that although Mann’s science was crap his conclusion was right. Some defence!

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