Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The lib/left’s terrorist poster boy

Big surprise:

...Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, NDP Leader Jack Layton and Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe have written a letter to Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama calling on both governments "to act immediately" to release Khadr.

...The leaders say that because Khadr was 15 at the time of his arrest, Obama should acknowledge Khadr's status as a child soldier and "promptly release him."

Stephen Harper and the Conservatives should stick to their guns:

Harper has refused to pressure U.S. officials to send Khadr back to Canada, and rejects suggestions that Khadr, who is now 22, should be considered a child soldier.
Omar Khadr doesn’t fit any reasonable definition of "child soldier". He was fifteen years old when captured - the 1977 Geneva protocol cuts off at 14 years. He wasn’t forced into combat - he volunteered and traveled half way round the world to join al-Qaeda terrorists and the Taliban, and; he did so with the permission and help of his parents. He was a foreign guerilla jihadi committed to fighting against his own country and it’s allies. In other words, as well as being an illegal foreign combatant, terrorist and ‘alleged’ murderer he’s a traitor.

The Americans should get on with his trial and then throw him back in the slammer. But with a bleeding heart socialist in the White House what are the odds of that?

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Agent Smith said...

The libs et al are tone deaf. This won't get them any points amongst the voters. Just preaching to the choir.

This is actually a good contrast point for the conservatives to have. Sets them apart for the better.

jckirlan said...

Are Canadians really this stupid to want this terrorist back?

Anonymous said...

He was not a child soldier.
Omar was just shy of his 16th birthday, and I think his parents were well aware of what he was doing.

Article 3, section 3 of the UN Convention on the rights of the child says:
3. States Parties that permit voluntary recruitment into their national armed forces under the age of 18 years shall maintain safeguards to ensure, as a minimum, that:
(a) Such recruitment is genuinely voluntary;
(b) Such recruitment is carried out with the informed consent of the person's parents or legal guardians;
(c) Such persons are fully informed of the duties involved in such military service;
(d) Such persons provide reliable proof of age prior to acceptance into national military service.

Alberta Girl said...

When is the media going to post a photo of what he looks like now!

Rob C said...

The big mistake in this issue happened in Afghanistan when the remaining medic saved Khadr's worthless hide.

Jen said...

Three parliamentarians leaders have sworn to protect canada from terrorists. instead have supported terrorists from canadians.
Omar Khadr's youngest brother said on 60minutes that his brother OMAR told him that he will take revenage on the americans.
Again, the liberals will not responsibility for their own action instead would put thw blame on the conservatives for the liberals own problem of 2002-OMAR KHADR.
The MSM was there sleeping with the liberals when OMAR KHADR was arrested but chose not to intervene.

Anonymous said...

The terrorist sympathizing left refuse to acknowledge that there favorite animal, Khadr, is not a "child soldier" since he never was a soldier; and, only a far left terrorists loving moron would claim that “coercive interrogation", which protects us against these satin-like creatures, is torture. It’s a repulsive insult to legitimate Canadian soldiers who are fighting for freedom in Afghanistan to label this fanatical freak a “soldier” and our PM should not join that crowd of idiots.

The three far-leftwing terrorist sympathizing opposition parties, numerous pro-Muslim terrorists sympathizing groups, and of course the far left bias, terrorists sympathizing CBC are all groveling over their pet terrorist rather than acknowledge that Khadr is an unapologetic, veteran, radical, un-salvageable terrorist.

Harper must illustrate that he is a genuine tough on crime conservative by clearly promulgating that he will never accept Khadr, or any other current prisoner from the Cuban prison into Canada; this statement would validate that he is rigorously against terrorism. Genuine members of the Conservative Party are adamant that our liberal Prime Minister must vow that this terrorist, or any other current prisoner never again enters Canada.

If returned to Canada he would be a considerable threat to all Canadians. Extreme left wingers at the far-left bias, bimbo ran CBC and other terrorist’s sympathizers, who abhor Americans, refuse to concede that this despicable animal was captured trying to terrorize Iraqis and their American liberators. Whether he actually shot the valiant American soldier, who was liberating Iraq or not, the fact is not disputable that he was engaging in an act of terrorism.

Surely even our liberal PM will oppose any and all pressures to bring this, or any other of the Cuban savages to Canada. If he was to return to Canada one of our numerous extreme left-wing, affirmative action, liberal, judges would invent an excuse to release this scum, and she would set him free to follow-up on his terrorists’ career. This has occurred with many of the already released terrorists who have been discovered on terrorist’s battlefields


Anonymous said...

This is great ammo in at least two ways.
The first being his affection for terrorists. This is not a good thing, despite what the Toronto media thinks.
The second being his devotion to the Coup Kook’s “Ménage a Trois”.
This provide's a revealing picture of him in bed with the gang of conniving schemer's. I'm certain that this will not go over with too many Canadian's.

Blame Crash

Anonymous said...

this reminds me of a certain woman named Martin whom the media had a frenzy over in Mexico dispite the fact there was boat loads of evidence that showed she was aware something shady had to have been going on...other then Liberals and Brian Mulroney who gives away envelopes with $5k in them to go buy party supplies and grocery's...? What sane person wouldn't "know" there was something shady happenning...

But it was all Poor Brenda even when she ignored phone calls because she was busy in a beauty contest...

This little piece of filth is exactly where he belongs and an sit there and rot for all I care until the end of his days...

The MSM and opp party's are quick to raise the flag for him but not one of them has come out and said a single redeamable quality this kid posesses which should encourage us to bring this daaged individual back to my country...

Although I know it's not something we require of immigration, one has to ask in this case where a citizen is clearly a trator from their actions what possible value does he bring Canadians and who's interest is it in bringing him back here unless to stand trial for high treason?

Bruce from Cambridge said...

keep this little piece of camel shit in Gitmo

JR said...

Good. It's all but unanimous - Iggy, Taliban Jack, Duceppe, Dallaire, et al are idiots.

maryT said...

How about a picture as he is today, and beside it a picture of him smiling, with the severed hands of a person, in his hands.