Sunday, September 6, 2009

Keep up the pressure to repeal Section 13

With the recent CHRT ruling on the Lemire case what’s next for HRA Section 13? Mark Steyn thinks "nothing":

I expect nothing of the Government of Canada in particular, or of the political class in general, never mind the vast herd of statist suck-ups like ... Professor John Miller ...

... Because the Canadian establishment is divided between (a) Trudeaupian social engineers and (b) wimps, Section 13 and its provincial equivalents will stay on the books for the forseeable future.

And who cares anyway?

... I'm not waiting for the Supreme Court to strike down Section 13 or for the Government to repeal it. I've repealed it myself. I do not regard myself as within its jurisdiction. I've opted out.

... I don't feel "chilled", I feel liberated. After all, under BC pseudo-law, Ken and I are guilty. Yet we got away with it. On to the next hate crime!

Screw the HRCs, screw Section 13, screw the government - keep on truckin’! Deep down, I like the sentiment. But I’m not too sure to what extent they "got away with it" considering the time and money spent defending themselves. Who was it that said "the process is the punishment"? Mark says he doesn’t feel chilled, but how about Maclean’s and others?

I agree with him about the likelihood of official (in)action on amending the "Human Rights" Act. However, the war for free speech won’t be won until Section 13 is history.

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