Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Tory director of communications

John Williamson, former director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has been appointed as Harper's director of communications:

We wish Williamson luck. He’ll need that trying to explain federal Conservative positions on corporate welfare, global warming, massive deficits, over-spending and a whole host of other indefensible Tory policy....

...followed by a bunch of quotes reminding us of Mr. Williamson's past statements on various issues.


Anonymous said...

is it just me or will the cred of the PMO take a slight hit? there is just no way for williamson to dismiss everything he has stated before...... unless the "majority agenda" has been rolled out in front of him. one can only hope.


JR said...

Could be, Brad. It will be interesting to see what the opposition and press does with this. Nevertheless it's great to see someone with Williamson's credentials in charge of communications.

Of course Harper himself had a similar background before winning the Tory leadership - and where did that lead?