Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Al Gore explains geothermal energy

What a moron!


Anonymous said...

Al Gore's favorite green product is your money in his pocket.

hunter said...

HA! Good one anon!

So, Gore thinks it's bad to drill for oil, but good to drill for heat, so we can further heat up our supposedly heating world? Do I have that right?

JR said...

Good one too, Hunter! Drilling for heat. All Al knows is that bad heat comes only from CO2.

Kaboom said...

The big problem with Geothermal is the contaminants in the steam produced - acids, leachates, etc. If you pumped this steam directly into a turbine, it would be destroyed by corrosion within a week.

Turbines need "clean" superheated steam, and the underground steam would need to be filtered or directed through a heat-exchanger (and here lies the problem!) with accordingly reduced efficiency, to produce "clean" steam.

The bubbling pools of Iceland and New Zealand have heated homes for decades, but for base-load power???

The only "hot rocks" are in Al's big head.

Anonymous said...

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