Sunday, November 29, 2009

Climatism’s useful idiots

The recent hacking of the email from the UK’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) revealed the fraudulent and other nefarious activities of several influential climate "researchers" and warm-mongers. Some of the people involved already had shady records. Michael Mann’s global temperature "hockey stick" had been debunked long ago by Steven MacIntyre and Ross McKittrick. And Steven MacIntyre has for months been documenting his ongoing and unsuccessful attempts to get the CRU’s rudely uncooperative Phil Jones to release climate data. So, to many of us, what the hacked e-mail revealed was not a huge surprise. But getting confirmation of it in the miscreants’ own words is hugely important - it is (or should be) a media bombshell.

It’s really beyond irksome that the media and other climate hysteria boosters, even in the face of massive incontrovertible evidence of gross malfeasance on the part of climatism’s key players, are ignoring, obfuscating, downplaying and otherwise denying there’s anything interesting to report. For example, last night CTV News happily reported from the Commonwealth Conference in Trinidad that Stephen Harper has been bullied into pissing away $10 billion more of taxpayers’ cash to assist developing nations in combating climate change, but says not a word, absolutely NOTHING, about Climategate. And a search of the CTV web pages turns up only one short puff piece quoting a US climate "scientist’s" views:

[Kevin] Trenberth says the hackers took data out of context.

Yes, sure "out of context."

And at the CBC, as Lawrence Solomon will attest, it’s business as usual:
As The Wall Street Journal Europe put it, "The impression left by the Climategate emails is that the global warming game has been rigged from the start." The impression left by the performance of Anna Maria Tremonti and The Current is that they — wittingly or not — have been helping to rig the game in Canada.
Just like the Western dupes that the Soviets once toured through their Potemkin villages so they could report back to their readers about the Soviet Utopia, we have useful idiots, now in the service of climatism.


Halfwise said...

Were the files hacked? Or leaked?

Since there were FOI requests outstanding and CRU had not responded, perhaps someone on the inside took it upon himself to leave a door open, or even to put the files out there. Working for liars with god-complexes could do that for a person, I bet.

The once-large-circulation papers and diminishing-viewership networks are showing their biases, by ignoring this story. They must be hoping that this all goes away so they can get back to scaring us.

Funny, you would think that a paper could see the profit in digging into this and splashing it on the front page, revealing politicians as dupes and industrialists as opportunists, and getting some NGOs and the UN some much-needed humility. Seems to me you could sell some papers if you were any good at investigative journalism.

But what do I know? I don't read or watch that stuff much these days, and when I do I seem to end up swearing and turning it off.

JR said...

It is pretty depressing watching/reading most of the media. Thank God for the National Post (at least the FP section of it) but even their stuff is relegated to the back pages rather than the front where it belongs.

Xanthippa said...

Actually, I have been following some comment trails in a number of the 'big' blogs (Anthony Watts, Climate Audit, etc.). OK - I did this really, really late at night a few days ago, and an having trouble re-tracing my steps, because it was in the comment threads....tens of long posts with hundreds of comments....


Computer savvy people have traced 'stuff'.

They think they can conclusively connect the person (or rather IP) which posted a note onto one of the blogs about something awesome or some such thing (it was really, really late at night) to the trail and eventually the leaked emails.

They have also noted things along the way: that was where I perked up and woke up some...

The person who leaked the data used several passwords to do so. An outsider could, perhaps, hack a password or two. But, this leaker knew several key passwords and where to use them....

To the computer savvy people out there, this meant only one thing: this was a conscientious whistle-blower!!!

As in, someone from the inside could not take the fraud any longer and (if the connections they made are correct) released the data before Copenhagen could happen, because he/she could not participate in the fraud becoming the basis of new World Government....

If true, this is a 'legal leak', protected under the 'whistleblower legislation' in England.

By the way- have you read the 'Scientific American' whitewash of this? It is sickening....TheReferenceFrame has a debunk of the SciAm 'Answers to Contrarian Nonsence'....