Friday, May 14, 2010

CAGW as Biblical apocalyptic vision

Peter Foster compares Birthers, truthers and warmers:

... when it comes to demonization, irrationality, apocalyptic visions and dangerous policies, surely no paranoid fantasy of the Birthers or Truthers ranks with the profound quasi-religious conviction that industrial society threatens life on Earth.

What could be more Biblical than projections of the floods, droughts, hurricanes, starvation and conflict that will come if the sinful materialist world does not repent of its free market harlotry and deliver itself over to those severe moralists who would dictate acceptable levels of human consumption and apportion the world’s resources?

...The Antichrist in the climate change morality play is — yet again — capitalism, which has often been presented by its ideological enemies in demonic, dragon-like form.

... It is ironic indeed that the spiritual yearning to smite selfish demons and rule (or consult for) a centrally-guided sustainable Utopia — despite all the horrendous lessons of history — is embraced by many of the same rationalist intellectuals who sneer at Birthers and Truthers. This claque promotes policies that have failed abysmally in the past, and continues to demand ever more-ambitious global schemes despite the utter collapse of the UN-led Kyoto process at Copenhagen.

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