Saturday, May 29, 2010

Michelle: Barack's "home country in Kenya"

Michelle's nod to Birthers (45 seconds in):


Anonymous said...

So AIDS is now a problem for all people,even lesbians who rarely get it.
Equality,love that term because we have seperate washrooms for females,Toronto is about 50% non-Citizens in self-segregated groups by race or religion.
WOW, can't wait for the unified man with no gender,all the same height,same I.Q.,no God,no morals,all right-handed,one language,one eye colour,and no reason to live or vacation because 10 billion people on earth are the same as you so why even move to another town?

Anonymous said...

Obama is not technically an american fit to take the office of US president that has been proven. People on the right some of which hope this is enough to force him out. On the left they either see this issue as a conspiracy against their 'home boy' and fight it or they know they truth and they like it. Think about it: today an non-american is president, tomorrow the UN calls the shots in Washington, every commies wet dream come true. (real conservative)