Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More America bashing by Team-Obama

Asst Secretary of State Michael Posner's astonishing moral relativism in talks with China:

Ten-to-one that Posner, like AG Eric Holder and other top Obama officials, hasn't read the Arizona law either.

A suggestion for Arizona.

And, "...who the hell is Michael Posner?"


kursk said...

The Obama White house is chok-a-bloc full of Neo Marxists, Communists and their fellow travellers.

It is shameful..

L said...

Maurice Strong is advising China. He knows how to incite divisiveness.

Patrick Ross said...

This is the problem with an open-ended commitment to diplomacy. China understands this, and always has: they can use shame tactics on adversaries who aren't willing to tell them "you routinely do things a thousand times worse than what you're criticizing. Go fuck yourself, douchebag."