Friday, October 15, 2010

Enough to make your blood boil and your skin crawl

Aoutstanding article by Vivian Krause in today's Post is a definite 'must-read'.  She shows how giant American 'charitable' foundations are bankrolling agitprop against the Canadian energy industry.  She details how a rat's nest of supposedly Canadian environmental activist organizations are funded by these U.S. foundations often with money from from unknown donors laundered to hide their identies:
... My research into the filings of U.S. charities active in funding activists against Canadian and Alberta energy development shows that the anti-oil sands movement is the product of American charities with unknown or certainly unclear motives.

... Like most protests, the one against oil tankers has all the look and feel of a Canadian grassroots movement. The campaign against Alberta’s oil sands also seems to rise out of the people, but the interesting thing is that there are very few roots under that grass. Money comes in from a small core of U.S. charitable groups. One of those groups — the U.S. Tides Foundation of California (Tides U.S.) and its Canadian counterpart have paid millions to at least 36 campaign organizations.

... All the money, at least US$6-million, comes from a single, foreign charity. The Tides U.S. campaign against Alberta oil is a campaign against one of Canada’s most important industries.  It’s fair for Canadians to inquire about who’s funding this campaign and why. The trouble is, nobody knows.

 ... the vice-chairman of Tides Canada ... Joel Solomon ... an interesting figure in his own right, also backed the election campaign of Vancouver’s Mayor Gregor Robertson to the tune of about US$330,000. But that’s another story. [However, similarly funding Indian chiefs and councils to agitate against energy projects is part of this story.]

... Unlike many charitable foundations, Tides U.S. doesn’t have a large endowment. “In practice, Tides behaves less like a philanthropy than a money-laundering enterprise, taking money from other foundations and spending it as the donor requires,” ...
... U.S. tax returns show that the David Suzuki Foundation has been paid at least US$10-million from American foundations. This hasn’t exactly been out in the open.
There's lots more in the article and still more at Vivian Krause's website. The whole thing is enough to make your blood boil and your skin crawl. There oughta' be a law.


hunter said...

This is dynamite stuff...10 million to the Suzuki Foundation? No wonder the greens are so shrill...they are losing money if they don't protest.

So much for the scientists are funded by big oil, maybe we need to start making them report how they are funded!

JR said...

Yes. The activities of these foundations should be forced out into the open and/or regulated/banned.

maryT said...

Glen Beck was talking about this organization today on his show. They are now getting stuff into churches and schools. And guess who is one of the major funders, same guy who funds and a few other leftist groups. Wont mention his name as rumors are he keeps track of everything written about him.

Anonymous said...

The large environmental operations are funded by unions, Liberals and foundation money - some of the biggest foundations that exist. Each has their own agenda, but don't discount business and money making as part of it. Environmentalism is for the left their religion but for big money it is about destroying competitors no matter where they may be. (real conservative)