Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ontario's insane green energy policy - Part II

Margaret Wente:

What could bring down Ontario’s Liberals? It’s not e-Health ... not even the hated HST, a huge tax increase .... No, it’s their power bills.
... the Green Energy Act, a policy so bad, so expensive, so ideologically driven and so perverse that any normal person should be seeing red.
[According to] power expert Tom Adams ... Ontario’s rates ... have already surpassed the U.S. average and are headed for European levels – “just because of public policy.”

... energy policy has been entirely decoupled from economic policy and attached to the runaway train of environmental policy.

... “The Green Energy Act is unsustainable,” says Mr. Adams. ... [Gee, I bet that smarts!]
Great column!

[Via FOS]

Part I


Anonymous said...

The voters of Ontario were warned about McNutty before the last election but so long as his socialist agenda was handing out freebies to the indigent and useless everything was O.K. Now the chickens have come home to roost and all the inhabitants are crying in their beer. The best thing about Ontario is that it demonstrates to the rest of the country what not to do.

JR said...

Heh! Yes, and I was there when Ontario dumped David Peterson and elected Bob Rae and the Dippers. Talk about goofy!

Anonymous said...

As long as goofy lefty politicians pander to goofy Tronta and insatiable unions this is the crap Ontario gets and deserves!

Bert said...

Ah yes. The "Green Act". The piece of legislation that is making it very easy to put a bio-gas faculty in the town where I live. The municipality has no say whether or not said faculty is passed. They don't give a $hit for what the people want.