Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cancún: Japan, Canada, Russia, Australia reject Kyoto extension

The Hindu:
With Japan's forthright statement on Monday and reluctance on the part of the other countries such as Russia, Canada and Australia to commit to a second phase, the entire negotiation is fraught with uncertainty....
Globe & Mail:
... The chair of the Cancun summit, Christiana Figueres, named Canada and Russia as other countries that are resisting making new commitments under the Kyoto agreement. Canada is on track to dramatically miss its 2012 Kyoto target of cutting GHGs by 6 per cent below 1990 levels.
... As the first week of talks ended Saturday, Canada was voted "fossil of the day" by 500 international environmental groups for its stand on Kyoto.... [Yay, Canada!]
All good news!



robins111 said...

Aw jeez, does this mean we have to stop paying through the nose for electicity, I really like that.

Anonymous said...

The club of sanity gets bigger. Good news. (real conservative)