Monday, December 20, 2010

Nicholas Kristof: Sanctimonious NYT dhimmi liberal Islamo-enabler

Nicholas Kristof’s column, “Heroic, Female and Muslim” appeared in today’s National Post. His piece is full of the usual sanctimonious NYT dhimmi liberal Islamo-enabler pap (“Islamophobia in the United States” and sentiments of the “not all Muslims are bad people” variety). Along with this nonsense (which seems to be his main point) he gives an account of Somali MD Hawa Abdi’s excellent work and enormous courage in the face of intimidation by local Islamothugs. There’s little doubt she deserves great praise. However, Kristof presents her as “another side of Islam”, the side that proves, naturally, not all Muslims are horrible.

But Hawa Abdi is not “another side of Islam”. In fact, nearly everything of merit she does flies in the face of Islam and Sharia law in large parts of the Muslim world not to mention the local interpretation of Islam (ie. “... generally not favourable to women's rights, and include the almost universal practice of female genital mutilation”). Kristof might want to consult Ayan Hirsi Ali for his next column. Like Hirsi Ali’s her accomplishments are in spite of Islam. But while Hirsi Ali had to run from Somalia to escape a life of Hell, Hawa Abdi apparently gets away with it because she’s connected. She’s “a member of Somalia’s elite”.

So, Hawa Abdi is not “another side of Islam”, she’s an exception and pretty much the opposite. In many, if not most, Islamic nations she’s be stoned to death for what she does and says. While she may claim to be Muslim there's little evidence that Islam motivates her - in fact she works in direct opposition to the local interpretation of Islam. And good for her. But Kristof’s partisan blinkered Islamo-apologetics only encourage more obfuscation and whining from the so-called Muslim “moderates”.