Sunday, December 19, 2010

Global warming scare over? Don't bet on it.

Harris and Leyland: Global warming ideology still on top

There have been many recent setbacks suffered by the “climate change” alarmists:

... Climategate. ... the [failure of] the Copenhagen conference... followed quickly by Glaciergate, Amazongate, Kiwigate and serious challenges to the credibility of Rajendra K. Pachauri, [IPCC] chairman....
... some say that the climate scare is over:

... Some commentators tell us that this is the beginning of the end of the climate scare. More likely, it is just the end of the beginning.
It would be foolhardy to relax:

... While it is appropriate for realists to revel in their late-period success, it is vastly premature to celebrate.
The alarmists are solidly entrenched, well funded and their propaganda machine runs full-time:
... Through the tireless work of hundreds of thousands of mostly unpaid activists, aided by unquestioning journalists, grant-seeking scientists, pandering politicians, opportunistic or naive industries and well-meaning but misinformed citizens, climate campaigners made "stopping global warming" a cause celebre....
... As a result, massive donations from left-wing foundations poured in to groups focused on promoting alarm.

... climate alarmism is de rigueur "science" in virtually all public schools, colleges and universities.
Most mainstream media, corporations, even churches and essentially all environmental organizations promote the now politically correct view of human-caused climate change.

There simply is too much money and political capital, and too many reputations are at stake for alarmists to back down. ...


Anonymous said...

Climate change is real, but it is a natural occurance, caused by the suns solar activity. It's completely out of our hands. Gore is a fraud. He sould be jailed.

Anonymous said...

You are correct it is far from dead and here is the real reason revealed for the first time on these pages: it is incredibly profitable for the non-profits that push it. I talked recently to an old friend, a financial sort in a well known pressure group type non-profit that nearly went under about 5 years ago or so... well guess what? Global warming fear mongering has filled their coffers quite nicely. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

Holy crap you guys are dumb sh*ts.

Unknown said...

I fight to the finish then. The Truth always wins in the end.

Hoarfrost said...

Whether climate change is real or not, or whether it is human caused or naturally caused, is no longer the question. The real question is whether the vast sums of money supplied by the gullible is spent on valid scientific research.

Can the money be spent on a valid response to the threat? Regardless if it is proven to be naturally caused or human caused. A solution that throws out the baby with the bathwater response as currently proposed is not a valid response.