Monday, May 30, 2011

Canada says "NO" to more Kyoto nonsense

But, more importantly, so did the USA:

DEAUVILLE, France: Russia, Japan and Canada told the G8 they would not join a second round of carbon cuts under the Kyoto Protocol at United Nations talks this year and the US reiterated it would remain outside the treaty, European diplomats have said.

... They argued that the Kyoto format did not require developing countries, including China, the world's No. 1 carbon emitter, to make targeted emission cuts.
Good show!


Update: From the comments re. BC's continuing carbon lunacy (eg. school boards are required to shell out hundred$ of thousand$  for carbon credits and, as the new Premier says, the boards receive money from the carbon tax). As Lilley says, it's an elaborate "shell game". See this video near the 4 minute mark:


Roy Elsworth said...

and yet the Premir Cristy clark seems to think were still in it. maybe someone should tell her that.

JR said...

I agree, Roy. But BC will march to its own idiot greener-than-thou drummer.