Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A waste of time, space and taxpayers' money

Animal "ethicists" doing "work" like this is just one more sign that there's way too much money sloshing around academia:
...the first academic journal dedicated to animal ethics in their debut issue.
Instead of “pet,” the Journal of Animal Ethics suggests “companion animal.” Rather than “wildlife,” they are to be called “free-living.” “Differentiated beings” or “non-human animals” is preferred to simply “animals.”
Words such as “vermin,” “beasts” and “critters” are stricken completely, along with similes such as “sly as a fox,” “drunk as a skunk,” “eat like a pig,” “slippery as an eel,” “breeding like rabbits” and “stubborn as a mule.” ...
And for this nonsense these professors are paid annual salaries upwards of $100K.


Alain said...

The list of money and time wasters just keeps growing: Women Studies, Gender Studies, Native Studies, Black Studies etc. and each one with its radical political correctness. The funding by tax payers for all the useless fluff needs to end.

JR said...

Amen, Alain. Except I'd add that in many cases they're worse than useless. Their brainwashing/ indoctrination does real harm to young minds.

Alain said...

Indeed they are indoctrination, and what is even more ridiculous is paying to be indoctrinated. I also forgot to add that they all promote divisiveness and intolerance instead of social harmony and tolerance.