Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Climate rap (aka 'Crap')

From Anthony Watts:

It kind of reminds me of the Rick Mercer inspired "vote-mobs" - a bunch of juvenile idiots jumping around like enthusiastic middle-schoolers. It was a convincing argument for raising the voting age.


Surecure said...

And not surprising, the video features everything that makes people skeptical:

a) dismissive attitudes by scientists not actually talking about the science;
b) talking about peer review as if it means something after the failure of peer review in seeing the errors in Michael Mann, U of East Anglia and the Goddard Institute's findings because they fudged the number and didn't give raw data;
c) the countless use of strawman arguments as if it carries weight.

But when you actually see that all of their findings are based around wrong data and they refuse to acknowledge these facts... you don't even have to listen to them anymore. And everybody is starting to realize it.

A video like this is just further desperation by the climate change industry.

Anonymous said...

when these buffoons start living on zero emission communes I might start taking them seriously, until then they are just more fools to ignore

JR said...

Sounds about right - rap buffoons a sign of warmist desparation.

JR said...

It seems that when Blogger last went to "maintenance" the comments for this post were lost. Bad show Blogger.