Friday, November 9, 2012

CBC disrepecting our troops - again!

And just in time for Remembrance Day:

The despicable CBC never misses a chance to smear the troops.

[Via BC Blue]


Anonymous said...

Write to Minister Moore. You may or may not get an answer!

Frances said...

Three words: "Jesus' Brother Bob"

Anonymous said...

The only thing offensive is the CBC and its coterie of left-wing spin doctors who hate everything Canadian. I resent every dime of taxpayer money that goes to this subversive, slimy, subversive organization.

Powell Lucas

JR said...

CBC - humourless, hypocritical, tax-sucking weasels.

Thucydides said...

Anyone wonder why their share of Canadian viewership is only 7%?

Perhaps we need to adjust their funding formula so it is pro rated to their viewership....something like a dollar per viewer outside of CBC Sports

JR said...

At that level of viewership it should be defunded entirely. Make it compete for viewership as a subscription specialty channel like Fox and Sun News.