Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Radical eco-feminista from BC is latest Liberal leadership entrant

Joyce Murray [former BC Environment Minister] enters federal Liberal leadership race:
... called ...for an end to all oilsands pipeline projects to the B.C. coast
...  favours the legalization, regulation and taxation of marijuana
... supports a national carbon tax
... endorses cooperation between "progressive" parties at the riding level to defeat ... Stephen Harper
... vowed that if she becomes prime minister, a minimum of 40 per cent of her cabinet, and the same percentage of appointees to federal boards, agencies and commissions, would be women
It's shaping up to be quite a lame contest - with light-weight Justin Trudeau as reputed front runner.  It says volumes about the state of the Liberal Party. Little wonder that Mark Carney declined the invitation to run.


Anonymous said...

She was a cabinet minister in the Campbell government in BC who were most definitely not a radical left party. In fact they were fairly right wing albeit a big tent. True she was more left wing then most BC Liberals, but unless you use the tea party yardstick of left/right, I would say she is pretty centrist, maybe a bit left of centre, although she was fairly right of centre as BC cabinet minister.

johndoe124 said...

It's just not credible to characterize her as centrist or even slightly left of centre. She wants to use government to bully the rest of us into economic and social justice submission. She is a typical Progressive who views power and authority as equivalent and that the purpose of government is to drive the Progressive agenda. She's dangerous as most Progressives are. If any group is centrist, it is the Tea party who stood for fiscal responsibility and individual rights. These are not radical ideas. Progressive ideas are.

Alain said...

To understand where she and others are coming from I highly recommend reading a recent book by Elizabeth Nickson, "Eco-Fascists". She has done an excellent job of researching and documenting this form of Marxism and the damage it has done and is doing to both Canada and the US. Unless the mass of people wake up to what is behind the scene, we shall find ourselves serfs without freedom.

I would like to see Ezra Levant and Brian Lilley invite the author to talk about this but do not know if they are aware of her and this latest book. She lives on Salt Spring Island.

JR said...

Johndoe and Alain are right on the money. And the Campbell government were big CAGW true believers and carbon taxers (the first in Canada to impose one) in league with Arnie Schwartzenegger and other like minded eco-fascists.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should look at her actual record. True in an absolute sense Campbell wasn't that right wing, but by Canadian standards he was pretty right wing, after all we really haven't had that many leaders who were actually for smaller government. When I say centrist, I mean relative to the median Canadian voter, which one could argue is fairly left wing. I should also note Campbell did reduce the size of government so if you take a libertarian view he might be left wing but if you take the view centrist is keep government at its present size, he was most definitely on the right. Off course many on the left would argue even the NDP is on the right so the left/right argument is more based on perception than any hard/fixed measure.

JR said...

Whatever Murray's record might be she's staking out a far left agenda for her Lib leadership candidacy.

True, Cambell governments likely performed better (in terms of limiting the growth of government) than the NDP would have under the circumstances. But while he may have said he was for smaller government each successive government spent significantly more than the last.

The Dippers arguing that the NDP is on the right are those who couldn't be any further left. Everyone else IS to their right.