Friday, December 7, 2012

Environmental shakedown artists

A business model similar to Acme Window Smashing and Glazing
Earlier this week, the Polaris Institute, a left-wing NGO, released a report that purported to demonstrate, via public lobbying records, “how some of the biggest companies in the world are using well-oiled lobby machinery to directly manipulate policy making in Canada.”

... Meanwhile, Polaris’s claims beg a question: If oil companies are so all-powerful in the political process, why are the oil sands under siege? How was it that Keystone XL was blocked? Why is Northern Gateway’s future looking so rocky?

The simple answer is hugely effective campaigns of misinformation supported by organizations such as Polaris.

... But corporations have also funded their ENGO persecutors by buying them off as “consultants” and kowtowing to a business model analogous to that of the Acme Window Smashing and Glazing company: create environmental hysteria, then offer your services on how to deal with hysteria. [Where "dealing with hysteria" means creating more of it and further abusing corporations who (stupidly) cough up even more funding].


Anonymous said...

Polaris and the Rideau Institute have been bought and paid for by the Council of Canadians.

That speaks volumes.

JR said...

It does.