Sunday, December 23, 2012

Justin Trudeau - naive dhimmi or partisan panderer?

Decide for yourself - here's the full text of young Justin's speech to the Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference in Toronto last night:
As-salamu Alaykum.

... mostly, I am here today because I believe in you.

I believe in the contributions you have made to our country.  ... 
I'd say both.

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dmorris said...

Um, I had to give this a lot of thought,and my conclusion is Justin's a "naive panderer",one of many combo possibilities one can take from your options.

All politicians have advisors and some of them listen to their advisor's advice,and some are like puppets,who do whatever they are told,as they have no idea what to do or say in a given situation.

Conservatives referred to Obama as an "empty chair". I shudder to think how completely empty is the brain of the idiot child of the bi-polar Margaret and Pierre the silver spoon socialist.

Anonymous said...

A lot better than pmsh's message of praise and handout of certificates last year or Julian Fantino's pandering.

Trudeau delivered a message to reject extremism. Good for him..

Trudeau went into the lion's den a delivered a tough message. Little applause from the crowd and many refused to shake his hand afterwards.

JR said...

Right, "both", sort of.

Though one has to admit that whoever wrote that speech did include ideas that would cause many in the audience to be more than just a little uncomfortable/peeved (eg. "... because of my stance defending gay marriage and women’s rights.") Plus the stuff suggesting Laurier's example as one Muslims should aim for (not exactly compatible with the Islamist notion of "reviving the Islamic spirit").

Thucydides said...

Justin Trudeau - naive dhimmi or partisan panderer?


Anonymous said...

Justine makes politics fun again. Squirm cons squirm!

Anonymous said...

Even with a majority you are a miserable lot.


dmorris said...

We only "squirm" in embarrassment for Justin as he proves over and over that he's still a child,and couldn't manage a kool-aid stand,let alone a Country.

When will Liberals get over their obsession with "name" politicians, and elect a leader with some qualifications for the job?

Anonymous said...

All about Tories getting really nervous. Trudeau polls at or near 40% for 4 months in a row and that is after Tory hq tries over nod over again to embarrass him with past revelations. Canadians obviously like him more than Tories can stomach.

Times they are a changing.