Friday, December 14, 2012

Matt Damon's anti-fracking propaganda flick reviewed

A review by Phelim McAleer:
... Damon and Krasinski have produced a flawed movie not because they don’t understand movie-making but because they don’t understand Americans.

... a bigger reason why “Promised Land” fails in the second half. Damon and Krasinski don’t really like or trust most Americans, and it comes across. The residents are either good (and thus on the side of the environmental movement) or stupid and greedy, people who’d sell their grandmother for money.

... Damon and Krasinski believe that renting your property to a regulated and insured American company is the equivalent of selling your daughter to a whorehouse.

Middle America will probably respond to these attitudes by staying away from “Promised Land”; Tinseltown may well respond with multiple Oscars.
Also, Damon denies knowing that the Arab Emirates funded his film:

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