Friday, December 20, 2013

Anti-pipeline ENGO thugs show utter contempt for democracy and the rule of law

Peter Foster:
... ForestEthics has muscled its way to a seat at the policy table by its thuggish tactics.

... Ben West ... Tar Sands Campaign Director of ForestEthics Advocacy ... declared “The Enbridge line will never be completed.”  ... clearly indicates his group’s utter contempt for legal and democratic processes.

... Surely there are more balanced voices within the ENGO community. What about the giant World Wide Fund for Nature, WWF? they are even more subversive when it comes to undermining democracy, and actually profit from ForestEthics’ anti-corporate antics. ... The head of WWF Canada, David Miller [mighta' known][declared that] Northern Gateway should be turned down whatever the NEB and the democratically elected government says.

Organizations such as ForestEthics, WWF, Greenpeace and the David Suzuki Foundation all despise short-sighted “ballot box” democracy because they claim to speak for the planet and future generations.  Significantly, neither entity is in a position to speak for itself. 

... The ultimate decision on Northern Gateway is, as noted, that of the federal government. That decision should not be subject to veto by a radical minority who are impervious to facts, logic or evidence, and whose careers depend on spreading alarm, threatening violence, and contempt for democracy.


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My understanding is that Tides Canada allegedly "launders" funds for the San Francisco group "Forest Ethics" as "charitable donations. They certainly have a firm hold on Urbanites in B.C. Good for you for speaking out--I am sick of foreign interference! H/T Vivian Krause

Anonymous said...

Screw these radical "progressives", nobody votes for them and they speak for no one but themselves, and perhaps the Rockerfeller foundation. The contempt these radical "progressives" show for the rule of law and the will of Parliament should be met with equal or greater contempt by the public.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says..... complete the pipe line and all those who do not want prosperity then they can freeze and starve where ever they wish. if they want a war about it then give them war. they will lose.

Powell Lucas said...

Let these nutbars keep on opposing. That will keep them busy while the oil gets shipped by rail. The transport of bitumen and other types of crude is growing exponentially and there's nothing the econazis can do about it. Actually, shipping this product by rail probably creates more jobs.

Anonymous said...

No war needed. Learn the propaganda techniques. Double, triple, quadruple the efforts of lazy public sector social marketers. A 'Clean Air' package has just been delivered to the EU commission. Everyone knows that is just Russia and the US's way of getting taxpayer funding to expand their natural gas/ fossil fuel trading market, well - don't they? No they are actually battling 'deadly' 'particulates' because of health cost benefits against premature death - ha, bloody ha! Edward Bernays, Social marketing/ Advertising, shock economics. We are the ones being abused. We don't need public funds as an incentive to dissolve this one world 'oil and gas' order from monopolising absolute power over everything and everyone. Enough is enough. No violence. Words, products, creativity, comedy, private market innovation, crowd source patent support, fury, fun - - just learn their game and write about it.