Thursday, December 12, 2013

The media's Ford fetish

Apparently there's no limit to the media's loopy obsession with Ford.  Now it's Rob's brother Doug Ford's outrageous behaviour - handing out $20 bills to the less fortunate, at Christmas time.

The horror!


Pissedoff said...

Looking at the whiners it is the usual gang. If lefties do not like it they are free to do the same. Problem is lefties are too mean and only know how to take money from people.

Alain said...

When you belong to the church of neo-marxism, it is not acceptable to have personal, private charity happen; only the big nanny state should be allowed to steal your money and dole it out to whomever it chooses. So the concept of personal giving is alien to them.

JR said...

Right, Ford was handing out his own money (all $200 bucks of it, at Christmas) when there isn't even an election in the works.

These same media clowns have been giving the Wynne/McGuinty crew a near pass for blowing a $billion of taxpayers' dough to buy two seats.