Sunday, December 8, 2013

Khadr's lawyer Dennis Edney - Scotland exporting its nitwits

"Omar Khadr's bigoted lawyer defends the terrorist while putting down Sun News Reporter Ada Slivinski"


Anonymous said...

Typical behaviour from the leftists. Not only do leftists live an echo chamber of their own creation they wallow in such enormous arrogance and ignorance that it renders them incapable of hearing any other view points other than their own. This dipshit "lawyer" doesn't want anyone standing in the way of his huge payday, and how dare someone ask him to justify his actions. It's all about the money!

JR said...

I can't disagree with a word you say:)

Robert Betty said...

I have watched all of Mr. Levant's reporting on the Khadr issue. I have also read his book on the subject.
Unfortunately, he does exactly what he accuses Mr. Edney of - presenting a one-sided view will a willful disdain for any information to the contrary.
This case is far too complicated to argue exhaustively in a blog comment, but allow me to pick one point:
Mr. Levant and Ms.Slivinksi would like to use the Guantanamo Military Commission Statement of Facts signed by Omar Khadr as hard evidence of radical and unrepentant political views held by Omar Khadr. Anyone who has studied even a bit about the Military Commission process knows that a confession followed by a signature on a Pentagon written statement of facts is the only ticket off of the island. Omar Khadr had the choice of signing this document or spending the rest of his life in GTMO. Even if he had been acquitted before the MC (no one has ever been acquitted) he STILL could be held indefinitely (or until the end of the war on terror). Clearly this plea cannot even remotely be described as voluntary. In both Canadian and US courts a plea MUST be voluntary to be accepted by the court. This is why, to date, every GTMO plea deal that has been appealed in civil US courts has been overturned.
To repeatedly quote the plea deal as an accurate representation of Omar Khadr's actual statement about his history and his radical political leanings is way past naive. This is intentional misrepresentation by Ezra Levant. This type of intentional misrepresentation (there are many others I could list) is why men like Dennis Edney are generally reluctant to speak to Sun Media representatives.