Thursday, July 23, 2015

Canada declared "most reputable country in 2015"

Canada regains title as most reputable nation in the world despite Harper derangement frenzy
Canada under Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has just regained its title as the most reputable nation in the world.  

According to the Reputation Institute’s annual report, Canada remains at the top of a 55-nation list for perceived trust, admiration and respect, based on a survey of 48,000 people around the world.

... few media picked it up. Instead, the Canadian media complex is in the grip of Harper Derangement Frenzy (HDF), which is an upgrade to hurricane status from Harper Derangement Syndrome ...

... [Canada's] international standing has never been stronger. Even the government’s global carbon strategy, portrayed by many as a national embarrassment, looks good to many other nations. As the table below suggests, Canada remains at the top of the world.
Good show Canada! (Well, at least progressives will think so.)

See also, Forbes.

Note: In 2014 Canada ranked second after Switzerland, and first for three years running in 2013,  2012 and 2011.


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Anonymous said...

Canada voted "most reputable country in 2015" -- no thanks to opponents of Stephen Harper who go abroad to disparage our country, its policies, and most of all, our current government. Even domestically, poseurs like Elizabeth May, who masquerade as champions of civility and compassion, keep impugning the PM's motives. I was just watching a CPAC discussion moderated by L. Ian Macdonald (before the House rose for summer recess). Ms. May was a member of the audience. She was graciously allowed to ask two "questions" which she of course turned into commentary on what in her view Stephen Harper is up to: the by now old saw about the Conservative strategy to discourage voting by means of the Fair Elections Act, claiming new rules and regulations are designed to deter people from voting. Even the Conservative on the panel did not contradict her. That's a major complaint I've had for the longest time: the Conservative Party lacks good communicators who can vigorously defend and counter critics' inaccuracies and downright lies. One exception is MP Candice Bergen. I hope she will be given a more prominent role in defending Conservative policies in a future cabinet -- if the Conservatives get back in, which according to polls is not a certainty.

Apologies if I've veered off topic. After all, Canada's reputation is not necessarily only about the Conservative Party.
-- Gabby in QC

Anonymous said...

Canada's reputation is the result of average Canadians behaving well when we travel and being honest in business. Most people outside of Canada can't name the PM, let alone whether he swings right or left. This is not a reflection of is the rest of us. As an aside, Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, Rachel Macadams and other entertainers have much higher score profiles than Canadian politicians. Nobody outside of Canada has heard of backbencher so and cabinet ministers.

Anonymous said...

Justin Bieber behaving well ?!?
-- Gabby in QC

Anonymous said...

As Anonymous #3 states few people outside of Canada could name our PM or any of his policies so I never bought the idea from the left Harper has destroyed Canada's reputation nor do I buy the idea from the right he has helped it. The one thing I noticed is all the top countries were relatively small ones so I suspect if there is anything that would drop our reputation it would be once our population hits 50-100 million as then people will take more notice and off course whatever we do someone won't be happy. As long as we mind our own business and don't do anything to harm others, we should stay high on the list no matter who is in power.

JR said...

I sympathize with most of what you say. Conservatives rarely get positive commentary these days, mostly because of the extreme bias in the media. But when they do get opportunities, rare though they are, they should speak up loudly and clearly to defend themselves against the BS spewed by the likes of E. May. But, as Corcoran notes, there's a lot of anti-Conservative spin in the media that goes unrefuted because conservatives often just don't get the opportunity.

Anonymous @ 3:05 PM,
Regardless of why Canada consistently rates at or near the top on this survey (thanks or no thanks to the Harper government) it is still a very positive result for Canada and Canadians should be proud to have their country's reputation rated so highly. Don't you think Canadians should be well informed of this survey result so that they can share in that pride? Can you think of one good reason that the media would downplay such news? I can't either, but Corcoran has zeroed in on one of the malign, despicable, partisan reasons and that's the Media Party's HDF/HDS.