Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pope Francis being misled on climate says former UN IPCC expert

Indur M. Goklany writes:
... [In] Pope Francis’ recent encyclical on the environment ... the Vatican has been laid (sic) astray by its advisors’ statement entitled, Climate Change and the Common Good: A Statement of the Problem and the Demand for Transformative Solutions. It makes claims that contradict empirical facts, and are ethically dubious. 

... The advisors’ “transformative solutions’’ ... would slow the ongoing broad advance in human wellbeing, retard poverty reduction, and reduce the ability to adapt and cope with adversity in general and climate change in particular, especially harming the poor.

... it is a strange ethical calculus that justifies reducing existing gains in human well-being, increasing the cost of humanity’s basic necessities, increasing poverty ... The Vatican’s advisors’moral compasses are apparently broken.
 Mr. Goklany's excellent assessment echos Peter Foster's (and others') here and here.



Alain said...

Based on what this pope said and did prior to his take on climate change, I seriously doubt he was misled. It fits perfectly with his marxist ideology and agenda.

JR said...

You could be right, Alain. The pope may well have had his own preconceived views on the matter and chose 'advisors' who would confirm them. But whatever the case, his and their moral compasses are seriously out of whack.