Monday, July 13, 2015

Time for science to recover its integrity and "climb off the hockey stick"

I missed this when it played last month.  Mark Steyn's hilariously dead serious keynote speech to the International Conference on Climate Change in Washington, DC:



Anonymous said...

The Pope, religious leader of 1.2 billion people disagrees with you. Climate change deniers are immoral. It is an unnatural act to defile the Earth.

JR said...

I'm guessing that "climate change", along with Pope Francis' slandering and libeling of capitalism ("dung of the devil"), are the only matters on which you have ever agreed with any pope.

And, this pope is echoing the alarmism of climate hysterics (like you), not the other way around. If the policies advocated by the hysterics are followed, the poor, about whom Francis' claims to be be concerned, will suffer the most. He's not being "immoral" though, just ignorant and foolish, as are you. But where I might accept sanctimony from a pope, I never would from the likes of you.