Thursday, December 24, 2015

Climate crisis? Horse pucky*!

Lorrie Goldstein:
Ever since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his gigantic delegation of Canadian politicians returned from the Paris climate conference they’ve been throwing around the idea of “decarbonizing” the Canadian and global economies [as directed by Lib eco-freak puppeteer, Gerald Butts.]
To which one can only respond: “Oy, vey. ...”

[via Blazing Cat Fur]



Alain said...

If they are serious about decarbonising, then let them start by pulling the plug on themselves. I am talking about self-elimination. That would get my interest.

Anonymous said...

Jethro the Turd and PM Butts can mix up the purple Kool_Aid and be the first to eliminate their "carbon footprint"... anyone that wants to follow these 2 assholes Jonestown style can be my guest, the human race would be wealthier, and a whole lot smarter.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........these jerks fail to understand that they can't even build their foolish wind mills or solar panels without fossil fuels. just what are they going to use to smelt the metals and make the plastics with. stupid jerks does not begin to describe them.

ward said...

Lorrie Goldstein believes in global warming. His articles are essentially about how big of a carbon footprint fits on the head of a pin. He validates AGW by not calling it a fraud. Read his articles closely. Lorrie never denounces AGW because he has drank the koolaid.

JR said...

I think Lorrie Goldstein is a luke-warmer (believes human emissions play a role in global warming but doesn't think it's an urgent problem). He admits to this but says the issue is wildly over hyped, that there's no need to panic and that the solutions being proposed are unrealistic. He's kinda' like Bjorn Lomborg. And like Lomborg, he serves a useful purpose in attempting to tamp down the warmist hysteria.