Friday, December 4, 2015

Obama names HAMAS sympathizer as new ISIS Czar

President Obama has appointed a foreign policy advisor known to be a friend of the terrorist group Hamas to be the administration’s new czar in charge of countering ISIS. The appointee, Robert Malley, has a history of sympathizing with Islamists, which makes the appointment all the more appalling.
Fearful of losing Jewish voters, Obama severed ties with Malley in May of 2008 when it was disclosed that he had held meetings with Hamas. One day after the election, it was reported that Malley had been dispatched to the Middle East to work on Obama's promise to "improve ties with Egypt and Syria."


Frances said...

Given both Egypt and Syria have reservations about Hamas (as known to bite the hand that feeds them), this may not have been one of Obama's brighter moves back in 2008. As for now - just thinking terminal stupidity or active malice towards his own country, take your choice.

Anonymous said...

It's a depressing thought, but I'm afraid the west has been corrupted to the point of no return. America and Canada have the worst of "leaders", a couple of traitors and imbeciles aided and abetted by a hopelessly corrupt Media machine and gangster unions that continue to work against their countries best interests. Canada used to be such a wonderful country with a bright future, then that commie nit-wit Pearson followed by that asshole Trudo inflicted their destructive policies and the country has never recovered, and after the last election of the retard, the country is doomed. Obammy Hussien is so clearly the enemy of America yet he still rules like the petulant little muzzie prick that he is, never held accountable and never will be held accountable. Its truly disturbing that both America and Canada could produce such scumbags and maggots but the fact is they're everywhere and they control everything, like a nightmare that never ends. The west is finished... wake me when the revolution starts, I'm more than ready for that day.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........anno, Canadians are not very bright these days. They are poorly educated no matter how many degrees they seem to have, and the warped sense of morality and compassion that is on display these days shows me that you may be right, the west is indeed finished.

Anonymous said...

Old White Guy, you certainly explain the new and very moronic "Je Suis Hijab" movement in Canada and it's idiot followers. What's next "Je Suis Sharia"?

Jen said...


OTTAWA - Justin Trudeau has instructed Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould to review federal court cases and end any appeals or positions that run contrary to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Liberal commitments or values. -

See more at:

JR said...

We're not going to see any relief from this leftist idiocy run-amok until Obama is replaced by a Republican (any Republican).

Speaking of leftist idiocy run-amok, that link of Jen's listing all of the Liberal zealots' priorities proves Canada is screwed well beyond Obama's departure.