Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Who are the world's #1 killers of journalists?

Surprise! "Islamic militants ..."
What made this story somewhat noteworthy is that it appeared in The Huffington Post. They still can't embrace the word "terrorists" though, and use "militants" instead. That makes the bad guys sound a bit more plucky, and like they may have some legitimate grievances.

Journalists have gotten so used to running interference for radical Islam that they can't even stop when their own are being slaughtered. Then again, this sadly may be the only reason that any honesty whatsoever is brought to reporting about terrorism.


Anonymous said...

You care abut the lamestream media? Since when?

jen said...

Trudeau: Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention exemplifies “our shared beliefs”


Canadian Imam likens Trudeau to a King who helped Muslims and converted to Islam


This CIJnews offers more news on Trudeau and those around him than any lame coward media we sadly have to endure. Take a look.

JR said...

Thanks for those links. Our (it disgusts me to write it) "PM" is certainly a dhimmi-wit. He'll suck up to any group for a vote, no matter how Islamist or otherwise in opposition to Western values.