Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fact checking "10 Lies You Were Told About Islam"

Part 1:

Part 2



dmorris said...

That is the most frustrating part of living in this age of low information,lazy people who have been SO dumbed down by our education and political systems; they'll believe anything.

Pew Research,as the fellow in the featured video said, show hundreds of millions of Muslims silently cheer on ISIS and other terrorist groups. Perhaps the reason most Muslims don't demand more honesty by their spokesmen is because the truth is too ugly for the rest of humanity to contemplate, so lies are much more convenient.

Alain said...

All the rhetoric about Islam is irrelevant. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence need only make note of the behaviour and actions of Muslims living in any country in the world. No where do they live peacefully with their non Muslim neighbours. In fact they do not even manage to live peacefully with each other. Let the talking heads identify a single country where Muslims live peacefully with others without violence, bloodshed and killing, then they would have a grain of credibility.

JR said...

Alain, you are correct - all that should be blindingly obvious to anyone paying any attention at all.

But as dmorris correctly pointed out, our betters among the lib/left elites have so relentlessly and effectively peddled their multi-culti see-no-evil happy talk that neither they nor their well-indoctrinated (dumbed down) audiences can see the problem for looking (and many others don't even care to look). So, if there's to be any chance at all of correcting the situation a lot of truthful rhetoric is needed to offset copious nonsense, lies and distortions put out by Islamists and their many useful idiots.

Anonymous said...

The AllTime10s youtube channel did one defending Islam.
it was absurd.
But they are a bunch of click baiting hacks anyway.
It was useful to see only to be sure to never watch any of their junk no matter the topic.
If they get this one clear as day issue wrong then you can't bother with anything else they peddle.

The Real Crusades History channel was a breath of fresh air though, depending on who is narrating.

Anonymous said...

None of you understand what we are dealing with. The fact that the left is aligned with the terrorists should tell you something about the left.

Alain said...

@anon at 8:38 March 17. No, you are wrong as I and many others understand very well that point. Leftism, which is actually communism dressed up under another name, and Islam are sister ideologies, two peas in the same pod. Both are totalitarian and both seek the destruction of all personal freedom, which means the destruction of Western civilisation. We owe the on-going invasion by hostile foreigners to the Left.